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FFT Luncheon – 12.5.16

FFT LuncheonAbout a month ago Laura Abel, our digital-media consultant, said, “ and are up and running.  We now have interactive websites for hikers to use.  They can register their names and e-mail addresses so that we can enroll them in our campaign to close the gaps in our National Scenic Trails.  Why don’t we have a party to celebrate this launching?”

So we had a luncheon at my house last Saturday, catered by a consultant of ours: brisket au jus with ciabatta bread, smoked mozzarella and pasta salad, indescribably good scalloped potatoes, baked beans, cole slaw, all kinds of sauces and condiments, and key lime squares on graham cracker crust for dessert with lots of beer and wine.  The delicious food was complimented by ideal weather conditions.

Laura spoke to our group about our new websites and I preceded her with an explanation of the issues involved in closing the gaps in our trails.  Now the real work begins.  We’re going to collect a million names and e-mail addresses from hikers around the country in the next three to four years.  We need everyone’s help. If you are interested in helping our cause, send us your name and e-mail address and the names of friends who we can approach.

 We’d also like to know if you encounter a gap in any of your hikes and any details of the experience.  Let us know right away so we can address the issue!

– Jim