Letter to Governor Rick Scott

Dear Governor Scott:

Two million people set foot on the Appalachian Trail last year, which is only one of 11 National Scenic Trails. How many people enjoyed all 11, we have no idea. The Florida Trail is one of these and is, in fact, the only winter footpath free of snow. We do know that there are 34.5 million bona fide hikers in America, each being defined by 18 or more outings per year.

Volunteers have built over 1000 miles of the Florida Trail … 300 to go. But we have “picked the easy fruit.” Extending the trail becomes more difficult each year.

This year the Florida Trail is celebrating its 50th anniversary and this year we want to make a real effort to let Floridians know this unique footpath is there for everyone to use, a resource that the state doesn’t spend a dime to maintain.

But we also want to see it completed. Right now there are 300 miles of road-walks that are hot, dangerous and boring.

Have you set foot on our trail? I would like to come to Tallahassee on the 27th or 28th of this month and take you on a hike. There are beautiful stretches of the Florida Trail just south of you in St. Marks Refuge and along the Aucilla River.


Jim Kern