Rest in Peace Ernie Baldini

In Memoriam

Like many others I had a wonderful Florida Trail journey with Ernie and Jean Baldini.  May they rest in peace in God’s heaven.

One of my favorite hikes with Ernie was along the edge of the Kissimmee flood plain through miles of magnificent live oaks.  See the pictures below.  At the end of the hike, standing in front of someone’s pickup was (left to right) Steve Sherwood, Ernie, a mystery man (can someone identify him?) and Eric Seaborg.

Ernie used to say with a faint smile, “Jim Kern’s dream is Ernie Baldini’s nightmare.”  I am almost certain he was kidding!   He was both our cartographer and past president.  I am sure he spent a lot of time picking up the pieces.  This I know: He felt deeply about the Florida Trail.

-Jim Kern

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