Interview – Closing the Gaps by Colleen Goldhorn article by Colleen Goldhorn:

Recently  Jim spent about an hour speaking with Colleen Goldhorn with is a website dedicated to shining the spotlight on current hikers’ journeys, helping future hikers and celebrating our nation’s longest trails. As founder of the Florida Trail, Florida Trail Association, American Hiking Society, HikaNation and as an established author and nature photographer, Jim certainly has enough to share in this interview.

We appreciate the time that Colleen took as well as for letting Jim tell his story and show his passion for completing not only the Florida Trail but the other National Scenic Trails as well.  Please check back with our blog as is publishing a podcast featuring Jim.  He met up with Zach Davis from Backpacker Radio on his most recent visit to Denver.  We are excited to share that with you when it is released.

Check out the interview here or by clicking the image above. Be sure to leave your comments!

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